About IQ-EQ

IQ-EQ Netherlands is part of IQ-EQ.

IQ-EQ is a leading multi-jurisdictional provider of financial services

IQ-EQ’s main shareholders are, Astorg Partners, Alpinvest and Goldman Sachs Asset Management, jointly a group of investment firms which acts as a long term financial backers supporting the roll out of the Group’s business plan. IQ-EQ's management teams are also shareholders of the company.

IQ-EQ is a leading investor services group employing 5,000+ people across 25 jurisdictions worldwide. We bring together that rare combination of global expertise with a deep understanding of the needs of our clients. We have the know how and the know you to deliver for our clients - fund managers, global companies, family offices and private clients.

Our investment manager clients invest into all types of illiquid asset strategies including Infrastructure, Real Estate, such as commercial, residential, office, student accommodation and social housing, debt, Private Equity such as venture capital, early stage, mezzanine, buy-out (equity and debt instruments) as well as Fund of Funds.

We make business simple for you.
We support your ambitions.

IQ-EQ’s global servicing platform covers over 25 countries through own offices and partner offices forming our Global Accounting Network (GAN). The GAN encompasses both the technological and process aspects required by our clients, while we ensure that quality standards are identical across geographies. As a result our global accounting clients benefit from reduced accounting delivery deadlines, costs and accounting errors, increased speed-to-market, expertise and intellectual value.

Our flat management structure and our top management’s hands-on approach allows for quick decision making and an efficient escalation process whenever needed. In an industry where time is critical, responsiveness at all levels of the organization is essential for our clients and for our trademark.

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