Giro Services

What is a Giro?

A non-bank account for investment administrations

More than 50% cost reduction

On transactions and services at banks and brokers

Fin Tech – High level of efficiency

API´s, interfaces, data secured in EU

Used for: Individual Wealth and Fund Management

Also for: DC Pensions, Real Estate and Private Equity

IQ-EQ is not a bank and not offer own products

No conflict of interest

Web Portals in your style

For account opening, actions and portfolio

Fully regulated services

Offered in NL and EU countries

For: Asset and Fund Managers, Family Offices,

Also for: Pension Funds, Real Estate and Private Equity managers

Our Main Added Values

IQ-EQ is a relevant partner with a lot of experience in the financial services industry. We can assist you!


IQ-EQ is not a bank, custodian or broker. We are independent from banks or other financial institutions. IQ-EQ does not offer products or services to the end-consumer. That gives confidence to our customers.


IQ-EQ Netherlands with 180 employees in Amsterdam is a part of the IQ-EQ Group, an international financials services group, with offices all over the world with more than 840 employees.


IQ-EQ is active in the Netherlands for more than 100 years. (former known as ANT) We have proven expertise which we share with our customers. IQ-EQ can support your ambitions.

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