Our giro services


We have provided giro services for over  20 years history first under the name of ANT. At IQ-EQ our giro services are a key part of our service offering for investors. 

We provide Investment Giro Services for various Giro structures.  Together with IQ-EQ you can determine which Giro structure applies best to your product or service.

Our investment Giro service  allows users to  execute buy and sell orders on various stock exchanges. In the IQ-EQ Giro portal, the Account Holder will find an overview of their portfolio providing a non-bank, administrative account on which investments and transactions are registered.

We use industry leading  software and invest in our IT-systems and web portals. Your data is secure with us, we have security systems and processes to protect your information and are ISAE 3402 accredited. IQ-EQ can partner with third party IT and Fin Tech companies to connect core back-office systems  using API’s and data-interfaces for reporting, risk-return analysis, portfolio management tools and straight through processing. 

We have CDD and risk analysis work-flow, compliance and experienced management, to create highly efficient operations with the ability for customised flexible services, at a competitive price.

We are best placed to meet your needs and provide you with the following benefits;

  • Well established with a proven track record in providing giro services.
  • Safe, separation of assets.
  • Scalable and future proof.
  • Independent of banks, insurers or asset-managers.
  • IQ-EQ- Giro will not directly market our products and services to your clients.
  • In-house product & service development.

Our giro services:

Full Back-office operations

we provide back-office services:

  • Registration of new participants
  • Maintenance of client data
  • Administration of deposits
  • Aggregation of buy and sell orders to execute transactions at exchanges or TA’s
  • Implementation and changes in model portfolios & executing rebalancing
  • Administration of investments and reconciliation
  • Administration of pay-outs of dividends
  • Calculation and payment of management fees, service or transaction costs
  • Valuation of the investments in the investment portfolio


With the IQ-EQ web portals connected to the IQ-EQ back-office system communications are made very efficient. After an action created by the account holder or the back-office a notification email will be sent. The account holder can watch the action in the web portal.  Examples of actions that create a notification are:

  • Opening and activation of account 
  • Deposit of cash
  • Buy or Sell transaction executed
  • Dividend paid
  • Creation of end-of-year fiscal statement
  • Confirmation of address changes
  • Change in risk profile
  • Change in periodic redemption or subscription

Regulated by the AFM

Since 1999, IQ-EQ holds a license based on the Financial Supervision Act to receive orders pertaining to financial instruments from its clients (Account Holders), and to forward these to other investment companies. IQ-EQ is supervised by and is included in the registers of the AFM, the Dutch Financial Markets Authority. IQ-EQ has joined the Financial Services Complaints Authority (Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening), the ruling of which it does not accept as binding.

CDD & Client Risk analysis

IQ-EQ does a CDD and client risk analysis check  regularly.  It is not only part of the IQ-EQ Investment Giro Service, it is also offered as a service to asset-managers or Funds.

    • New clients will be scanned, but also existing client will be scanned on a daily basis
    • Our system monitors every transaction
    • When using the IQ-EQ giro web portal to open an account for new clients, 95% of the accounts are opened on-line.


  • AML will be monitored daily, cumulative and per deposit and acted upon by IQ-EQ in the event of a problem with transaction.
  • Money can only be deposited from one account  and can only be returned to same account
  • the nominated account will be checked before activating an Giro account
  • Source and Statement Of Wealth (SOW) are required according with  IQ-EQ policy

Web Portals

We provide the following services for your webportal. 

  • All IQ-EQ offered web portals are styled using your company's logo and color
  • Portals offer standard blocks for customised text content

Account opening portal

  • The opening procedure starts from a link on the existing website of your company
  • All requested data and documents (by upload) in the portal are required to be fully compliant
  • For natural persons and companies
  • Opening procedure includes the creation of a basic contract and/or terms and conditions form in PDF
  • PDF is shown on screen and sent by email automatically
  • Clients can confirm the agreement of the account opening in the portal

My XYZ Portal - Secured Personal Portal

  • An investor with more than one giro account at one provider can look at all his giro accounts with only one password
  • Portfolio overview
  • Name and amount of investments in fractions
  • Acquisition price and current value per investment at closing price
  • Total value and cash (money earmarked to buy investment at next occasion)
  • Buy, Sell and Switch functions
  • Change client data (telephone, address, email)
  • Digital archive for transactions, tax statement, reports and other documents

Front Office / Managers Portal

  • Authorised users can see an overview of all the clients and select an account to see the details per account
  • Authorised users can only look in the portal of the client(s) and see the same information as the investor ('look only function')
  • IQ-EQ will offer to have created more functions in dialogue with the wishes of their clients

Automatic online account opening

In principle, 95% of the Giro accounts are opened automatically when using the web portal.

Tax Reporting

The IQ-EQ Investment Giro Services are offered from the Netherlands and regulated by the Dutch Financial Authorities, the AFM. The tax reporting is based on the Dutch tax rules

Tax reporting

  • Creation of the end of year fiscal statement and publication in the secured personal web portal
  • Creation of the year end data and exchange the data to the Dutch Tax Authorities
  • Including CRS

Systems and Data Security

  • IQ-EQ uses a customised version of a leading Giro system for the IQ-EQ Investment Giro back-office. With the API's IQ-EQ created white label web portals. The system uses interfaces to connect with client systems, for example for CRM, Ledger or with brokers or banks for order and transactions data
  • The basic version of this Giro system is also used by banks, insurers, and pension funds
  • The systems are compliant for purpose, according to the current and future regulations, including MIFID II and GDPR compliant.
  • IQ-EQ services include also the secured and redundant, private cloud hosting, with data protection monitoring and dedicated 24/7 maintenance of their platforms, including the web portals.

Product Development

We have a proven track record in  co-creating new products and services for their clients. The combination of  our know how and the IQ-EQ Investment Giro Services makes IQ-EQ  a trusted partner to support the ambitions of asset managers, family-offices, banks and insurers within the EU.

First-line support

IQ-EQ can offer the first-line support for questions about the opening of an account, statements, how to use the web portals and administration. IQ-EQ will never advise clients about the products offered by the providers.

MIFID II Compliant

The IQ-EQ Investment Giro Services are fully compliant with MIFID II

  • Giro Services as offered by IQ-EQ are according to the MIFID II
  • All data of clients are checked and registered
  • Creation and sending of the ‘MIFID II Transaction reporting’ to the AFM
  • Reporting a signal of a more than 10% drop (Waterfall) of the portfolio

Trusted partner

We work with you collaboratively  to  support your business. We can assist you with:

  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Lowering  transaction and service costs for clients of banks
  • Efficient and compliant onboarding of new investors and opening of accounts
  • Creating an enhanced  investor experience
  • Understanding and implementation of changes in regulations and market developments
  • Developing new products 


  • Individual Asset Managers

  • Family Offices

  • Fund Managers - Fund Platforms

  • Straight through processing service providers

  • Fin Tech start-ups

  • Charity - Foundations

  • Pension Funds

  • Banks and Insurers - Closed Books Service Books

  • Banks and Insurers - New product development

  • Real Estate Managers

  • Private Equity Managers

  • Cooperative Projects

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