IQ-EQ Giro has obtained ISAE 3402-certificate

On 5th April 2018, IQ-EQ Financial Services obtained the final ISA 3402 type I report issued by the independent ISAE accountant Solutional. This report relates to the activities by IQ-EQ through their IQ-EQ Investment Giro and the IQ-EQ fund administration services.

ISAE 3402 Certified

ISAE 3402 is the international Standard for control of subcontracted processes. This ISAE report indicates that IQ-EQ support their clients’ administrative organization and their clients’ internal control of services that were subcontracted to IQ-EQ, in conformity with the ISAE 3402 Standard.

The report sees to an accurate, complete and timely compliance with the regulations, for instance with regard to data processing based on the 4-eyes principle, and a strict separation between registration and control. This process forms the basis for the high-quality IQ-EQ Giro services you are used to.

Based on these high-quality services our clients or their investors can be assured that their personal and confidential financial data are in good (and safe) hands.

The report is also a confirmation that the quality of our services is the result of the thorough knowledge and work experience of our staff.

Additional advantage for you as our client is that a growing number of accountants rely on an ISAE 3402 report as your accountant can save time and costs during the audit process. Your accountant no longer is required to audit our control measures.
You might discuss this sometime with your accountant.

Following the ISAE 3402 type I report IQ-EQ Giro strives to obtain an ISAE 3402 type II report for 2018. A type II report goes one step further than the type I report. We strive to obtain this type II report in the first quarter of 2019.

On this website we will keep you informed of the developments.