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One of the Giro account legal structures as mentioned in the oversight of 'What is a Giro?' is the Investment Giro offered based on the Dutch Wft and MIFID II. This form is exclusively offered by IQ-EQ Netherlands with the foundation named Stichting Beleggingsonderneming IQ-EQ Giro, hereinafter referred to as 'IQ-EQ Giro'.

The services of IQ-EQ Giro are only aimed at clients of licensed providers, investment companies with which IQ-EQ has concluded an agreement to hold financial instruments for these clients. Providers are financial institutions, asset managers, etc. Therefore, account holders cannot register directly with IQ-EQ Giro.

Since 1999, IQ-EQ Giro holds a license issued by the AFM (Dutch - Financial Markets Authority) for receiving and transmitting orders (brokering). IQ-EQ meets the requirements imposed by the Wft (Dutch Financial Supervision Act)  and the associated regulations.

Please find below a summarised display of relevant general and legal information regarding the IQ-EQ Giro for the offering of the Wft Giro structure.

General information about the IQ-EQ Giro based on the Dutch Wft - MIFID II:


Since 1999, IQ-EQ Giro holds a licence based on the Financial Supervision Act to receive orders pertaining to financial instruments from its clients (“Account Holders”), and to forward these to other investment companies. IQ-EQ Giro  is supervised by, and included in the registers of the AFM, the Dutch Financial Markets Authority. IQ-EQ Giro has joined the Financial Services Complaints Authority (Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening), the ruling of which it does not accept as binding.

Financial Markets Authority
PO Box 11723 
1001 GS   Amsterdam
Tel. 0800 – 5400 540

Financial Services Complaints Authority
PO Box 93257
2509 AG Den Haag
Tel. 070 – 333 8999

Communication and information

In principle IQ-EQ  communicates with its Account Holders in the main language the Provider uses. Orders or changes in the account or addresses from Account Holders must be entered in the web portal when offered by IQ-EQ in cooperation with the provider. In rare occasions or when there is no web portal available Account Holders can send orders or messages by email or post:

Stichting Beleggingsrekening IQ-EQ Trust 
Hoogoorddreef 15
1101 BA Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 5 222 555
Fax: +31 20 5 222 500
Email address:

Personal information with regard to the services rendered by IQ-EQ, including reports and account statements, will in principle be provided by IQ-EQ to Account Holders in the secured personal web portal. If there is no secured personal web portal available, the statements and reports are printed and sent by post.

For each new report, statement or message a notification email is sent to the email address of the Account Holder. Non-personal information regarding the services of IQ-EQ are provided by IQ-EQ through its website. IQ-EQ ensures that the information on its website is up to date and accessible. On business days, IQ-EQ can be reached by telephone between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Information and qualification of the Account Holder

At the start of the relationship with the account holder with respect to the provision of its services, IQ-EQ shall not collect information about the financial position of its Account Holder, its knowledge of and experience in investing in financial instruments, its investment goals and risk willingness. It is the responsibility of the Account Holder to provide IQ-EQ with the complete and sufficiently detailed information requested by IQ-EQ.

IQ-EQ has a policy regarding the qualification of Account Holders. This qualification is important for the protection by and information provision of IQ-EQ to its Account Holders. This way non-professional Account Holders enjoy the highest level of protection. For the protection of Account Holders IQ-EQ initially qualifies an Account Holder as a non-professional Account Holder, unless IQ-EQ explicitly determines otherwise. IQ-EQ can be contacted in order to change the qualification. IQ-EQ warns its Account Holders in advance for the consequences of the changing of the qualification and the associated possibilities of a decreased protection and information provision.

Policy regarding the prevention of and dealing with conflicts of interest

Please find the  Policy regarding the prevention of and dealing with conflict of interest as conducted by IQ-EQ in the document 'Beleid belangenverstrengeling  IQ-EQ Beleggersgiro 2018' at Belangrijke Documenten.


Order execution policy

Please find the Order Execution Policy as conducted by IQ-EQ ('Order Execution Policy') in the document 'Best Execution Beleid IQ-EQ Beleggersgiro 2018' at Belangrijke Documenten.

Holding of financial instruments

IQ-EQ itself does not hold financial instruments. The financial instruments of Account Holders are held by Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro. For the holding of financial instruments, IQ-EQ has taken measures with Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro to protect the rights of the Account Holders. Protection measures are necessary in order to prevent that financial instruments from Account Holders could be included in the assets of IQ-EQ in case of a possible bankruptcy of IQ-EQ.

Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro shall hold the financial instruments of Account Holders in its own name, in an omnibus account at Dutch banks, foreign banks and transfer agents. Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro is a legal entity which, in accordance with its Articles of Association, may not enter into a commercial risk in its operations and solely engages in the holding of financial instruments for Account Holders and the management of the accounts it holds for its Account Holders. This way the risk of bankruptcy of Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro is minimized. IQ-EQ is severally liable towards the Account Holders for all obligations of Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro, in accordance with the terms and conditions as included in the guarantee that IQ-EQ has issued with regard to Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro. This guarantee can be reviewed at the office of IQ-EQ.

Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro shall ensure that the sum of all claims in funds and financial instruments of all Account Holders together towards it, shall correspond with the sum of the funds and financial instruments it holds in its name at banks. Stichting Bewaarbedrijf IQ-EQ Giro has tasked IQ-EQ with the execution of all its actual tasks and obligations.

Investor compensation scheme

Stichting Beleggingsonderneming IQ EQ-Giro falls under the investor compensation scheme. Based on this scheme, in the event that IQ-EQ unexpectedly does not fulfil its obligations with regard to financial instruments and/or funds to which Account Holders are entitled, and provided that the conditions associated with such are met, Account Holders are entitled to a maximum amount of EUR 20,000 per Account Holder. Such situation could occur in case of bankruptcy or suspension of payments of IQ-EQ. This scheme is expressly not intended to compensate losses as a result of investments.

General preventive protection measures

IQ-EQ has taken the necessary measures to prevent fraud, use of inside information and emergency management. For employees of IQ-EQ, a 'private transactions regulation' applies for the execution of private transactions. This regulation contains prohibitions that are aimed to prevent that conflicts of interest arise or inside information is used due to private investments of involved employees. IQ-EQ has a Compliance Officer who monitors the strict compliance with, among others, these rules.

Fees, commissions and other expenses

IQ-EQ shall charge a fee to Account Holders in accordance with the agreements concluded between the Provider and the Account Holder. IQ-EQ does not receive commissions from third parties.

Data Protection register

IQ-EQ has registered with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP)), and is included in the register kept by the AP. The address of the AP website is

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